I'm trying to work with a template on a bookstore site (M2.3.6). I added a new configurable product with 2 configurations and when I did, I got this error:

Error filtering template: Warning: Division by zero in /home2/crippenl/public_html/magento/app/design/frontend/Sm/amabook/Sm_RecentlyViewed/templates/slider-v2.phtml on line 101

The code is:

getProductPrice($_product) ?> getPrice(); $finalPrice = $_product->getFinalPrice(); $save_percent = 100 - round(($finalPrice / $defaultPrice) * 100); if ($finalPrice

Any thoughts on this? I've been working on this for hours with no luck. Thank you.

  • Can you check the variable $defaultPrice has some value ? As well as you could either use $block->getProductPrice($_product) or $block->getPrice() in your template file.
    – Haijerome
    Feb 4, 2021 at 21:42

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Try this

/* returns your product price without tax and before all the rules in your store currency without formatting */
$defaultPrice = $_product->getPrice(); 
$finalPrice = $_product->getFinalPrice(); // returns your product final price 

$save_percent = 100 - round(($finalPrice / $defaultPrice) * 100);

BTW with PHP 7 you can also handle these exceptions

try {
  $save_percent = 100 - round(($finalPrice / $defaultPrice) * 100);
} catch (\DivisionByZeroError $exception) {
} catch (ErrorException $error) {

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