I am experiencing an issue where the sender email address for the order confirmation email is not what is set in the admin panel for Magento 2.3. I have checked both SMTP settings and the store email addresses and none of them match what is being used to send emails. Where would I look in the file structure to find the appropriate file that may contain this email address?

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The actual files that you need to check to debug your issue are SenderBuilder and Sender as given below

its under this path



investigate the method

     * Configure email template
     * @return void
    protected function configureEmailTemplate()


     * Create Sender object using appropriate template and identity.
     * @return Sender
    protected function getSender()
        return $this->senderBuilderFactory->create(
                'templateContainer' => $this->templateContainer,
                'identityContainer' => $this->identityContainer,

In addition to these files, you can also debug this one , where the From Header is set for all the emails.


As always, double check your configuration settings (Stores - Configuration - sales - sales email - Order - New Order Confirmation Email Sender) in all the scopes and clean the config cache, before you dive into debugging.

Hope this helps !

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