When I import produt image with .jpg then working correct. But when I upload .jpeg then return Disallowed File Type. when upload product image

Can anyone help how to change I can upload .jpeg?


can you please check that the PHP module fileinfo is enabled on your environment? usually that's the issue.

LE: also check this older post with a more detailed answer and other possible issues that can cause this. The fileinfo is also mentioned there as a cause of the problem.

Please check and let us know if you managed to solve this.

  • How I can check this?
    – Sylvester
    Feb 4 '21 at 9:04
  • normally, you should check your php.ini file and look for a line with extension=fileinfo.so. if there is a ; in front of it, it means it is disabled and you need to remove it, restart php and recheck your image upload. Feb 4 '21 at 9:10
  • I updated my answer with a link to a resource which might help you (although my money is on the fileinfo module) Feb 4 '21 at 9:15

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