I have created the Magento 2.4.1 project in my local system.

Now I have to set up this project on Github. I have created an account on Github.

Can someone tell me the steps to set up this on Github? Which files and directories should be upload on Github? What should be in the gitignore file?

  • hi there, did you manage to solve this issue?
    – Diana
    Feb 19, 2021 at 13:17

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Check this article for a quick ramp-up for managing your project with git and github.

As for the .gitignore file, here the Magento official reference file. However, I find this relevant when you keep your whole project there, as in the whole magento installation files, not only your customizations. If this is what you need, then use it like this.

If you only work on an individual module that you need versioned (and not keep the whole Magento project on the repo), then I would consider adding only the module to the github repo. Afterwards, you could install it by composer, here is an example. If you use this approach, you will need a simpler .gitignore, so I would delete the lines containing Magento installation specific folders (like app, lib, pub, media, var, etc).

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