I've inherited a Magento 2 codebase and the .gitignore file matches the one in the Magento 2.3 repo.

I downloaded the latest copy of the database and the /pub/media folder from the live site for my local dev environment so I could get as close a match as possible.

However, I now have a lot of directories in /pub/media that Git is picking up as untracked files. I feel like I should be gitignore-ing these directories as they aren't currently in the codebase, but I don't want to do anything that will upset the live site on deployment.

These are the directories being picked up by Git:


It looks like most of these have been created by/for the theme that has been used.

Should I add these to the gitignore?

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Formally, most of the Magento projects does not include media in their code base .

Only add which requirements by theme or Magento editor related.


Above is an example Magento standard list for gitignore.

As per your list /pub/media/cache/ and /pub/media/css_secure/ and /pub/media/js/ must be addedin ignore.

Other any folder which is related to cache, should be added to ignore the list

Suppose , /pub/media/amasty/ folder has a cache folder /pub/media/amasty/cache, then i suggest that you should add /pub/media/amasty/cache at ignore list.

Simple word,call is yours which folder you want to add at ignore list.

Should add static files(Noncodes files) folders/files to ignore list.

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