How can i make Quantity and Salable quantity having same value in magento 2.3.3. https://prnt.sc/xf5mlb Here it is showing different

Please help

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A fast-forward answer - you have to create shipments for the orders which were placed for that product.

The product's actual stock quantity is decreased only when the orders containing that product receive shipments, until then, the quantity will not change. The salable quantity, however, will decrease as orders are placed and the difference between total quantity from all sources and salable quantity is the amount of reservations for that product (basically, the purchased items that were not yet shipped).

But on the long run, since projects have their specifics, I think it's important to fully understand the mechanism behind Magento's Multiple Source Inventory (MSI). I recommend reading the associated documentation so that you become familiar with the concepts of sources, stocks, salable quantity and reservations.

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