Am getting the following error after I enabled the profiler from the command line

Autoload error Cannot create standard driver output, class "Magento\Framework\Profiler\Driver\Standard\Output\HTML" doesn't exist.

I tried disabling the profiler But the error still persists.

My Magento version : 2.3.5, Varnish Enabled. Does anyone have the idea why this happens? Please help me out.

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That can happen if you type: bin/magento dev:profiler:enable HTML, with caps.

The correct syntax is: bin/magento dev:profiler:enable html (lowercase),

or simply: bin/magento dev:profiler:enable, since html is the default.

If the error message persists after disabling the profiler, make sure to clean all caches, and run bin/magento setup:di:compile if necessary.

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