I'm attempting to integrate PayPal in a headless Magento environment. This headless environment is interacting with Magento over the Magento REST API. I have another payment system (Authorize.net) that is working. However, I'm getting errors with PayPal.

I'm using the PayPal JavaScript SDK and I'm able to make PayPal transactions directly through JavaScript.

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I'm attempting to pass the PayPal confirmation API response back to Magento 2 via the REST API.

POST /rest/default/V1/guest-carts/(customer-quote-id)/payment-information


  "email": "xxxxx@xxxxx.xxxx",
  "paymentMethod": {
    "method": "paypal_express",
    "additional_data": {
        "paypal_express_checkout_token" : "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "paypal_express_checkout_redirect_required" : false,
        "paypal_express_checkout_payer_id" : "xxxxxxxxxx"
  "billingAddress": {
    "region": "Indiana",
    "region_id": 24,
    "country_id": "US",
    "street": [
    "telephone": "xxxxxxxxxxx",
    "postcode": "xxxxxx",
    "city": "xxxxxxxx",
    "firstname": "xxxxxxxx",
    "lastname": "xxxxxxxx",
    "save_in_address_book": null

When I submit the payment, I get the error:

    "message": "PayPal gateway has rejected request. Security header is not valid (#10002: Security error)."

I have ENABLED Sandbox Mode and DISABLED Enable SSL Verification and I'm getting the same error as above.

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