I want to override vendor/magento/module-review/view/frontend/templates/helper/summary_short.phtml under my custom template.

I created the phtml file under app/design/frontend/XXX/XXX/Module_Review/view/frontend/templates/helper/summary_short.phtml but it's not working.


The path is incorrect. It should be app/design/frontend/XXX/XXX/Module_Review/templates/helper/summary_short.phtml (remove view/frontend/).

  • It's not working. – Efex Jan 20 at 21:57
  • Do you have your custom theme selected with the correct config and inheritance? – Isaac-SwiftOtter Jan 21 at 3:02
  • Sure, I've made many changes before. – Efex Jan 22 at 2:22
  • Ok, just figured I'd make sure. Is the site in developer mode? – Isaac-SwiftOtter Jan 22 at 2:41

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