In short, we are looking for the ability to have a customizable button (be it through js, small module or whatever) to where we can have a button that would infact add multiple individual products to the customers cart via one click of the button, i.e. adding Product A, Product B and Product C with one click, rather than clicking each Add to Cart button individually.

After some googling, we can't find this exact functionality anywhere and wonder if this is possible be it a basic js entry or via its own little module.

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    My AjaxButton module can do this - see the example here github.com/gaiterjones/Magento2_AjaxButton – paj Jan 19 at 18:04
  • @paj this is great!! Real quick, I removed the .example from the layout xml and am using {{block class="Gaiterjones\AjaxButton\Block\AjaxButton" name="gj-ajaxbutton-addproductstocart" template="Gaiterjones_AjaxButton::ajaxbutton.phtml"}} within a cms page, but it seems to just keep reloading the hello world button.. what am I missing? Thanks!!! – ne0nlight Jan 20 at 16:26

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