I have a rule : Country,Region/State,City,"Zip/Postal Code From","Zip/Postal Code To","Order Subtotal>","Order Subtotal<=","Shipping Price","Shipping Method" GBR,,,*,,0.0000,49.9900,4.9500,"Standard delivery"

It is working well, but if the user gets any discount from a coupon or any other discount then it is not working properly as subtotal is not considering discount amount.

If user purchases £50 products then he/she will get the free shipping in the checkout page. But when he uses the coupon that gives £10 discount then the amount will be £40 then also the free shipping is applying. In stores->settings->configuration->sales->shipping option flat rate is off free shippin is off table rates is off magebto shipping is off only WebShopApps Matrix Rate is enabled magento version 2.2.5 Is there any solutin for this ? Regards


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