Hello and this is my code:

$imgURL = 'path/to/my/image.png';
$fileSystem = $objectManager->create('\Magento\Framework\Filesystem');
$mediaPath = $fileSystem->getDirectoryRead(\Magento\Framework\App\Filesystem\DirectoryList::MEDIA)->getAbsolutePath();

$product->addImageToMediaGallery($mediaPath.'catalog/product'.$data['thumbnail_image'],['thumbnail', 'swatch'], false, false);

What I want to achive, is to assign programmatically an image and set it as a thumbnail. The above code, uploads the image, but it's role: the thumbnail and swatch are not selected. Not sure why ? See img: enter image description here

Can you tell me what am i doing wrong ? thank you

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You don't need to set explicitly the thumbnail, the following line is enough:

$product->addImageToMediaGallery($mediaPath.'catalog/product'.$data['thumbnail_image'],['thumbnail', 'swatch'], false, false);

As for the swatch image, you have it wrong in the array, it should be "swatch_image" instead of "swatch". The following media types are available:

  • image
  • small_image
  • thumbnail
  • swatch_image

You should also consider resizing images after setting them this way by using Magento\Catalog\Helper\Image:

$this->imageHelper->init($product, 'product_thumbnail_image');
$this->imageHelper->resize($width, $height);

Also, check the etc/view.xml from your theme for more image ids ('wishlist_thumbnail', 'mini_cart_product_thumbnail', etc)

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