I am wondering how can I upload new product images to my Magento 1 store? Adobe has blocked all Flash content today and I can't see upload button now.

However, I am already working on my new Magento 2 store and it's gonna take few more months meanwhile it's really important for me to upload new images.

I really appreciate any help. Thanks heaps.

  • The flash uploader for Magento 1 was removed in a 1.9 release many years ago...
    – paj
    Jan 12 at 7:39
  • I am currently using Magento 1.7
    – nzgeek
    Jan 12 at 19:28

Magento has released a patch with the name SUPEE-8788 for this and some other problems. Look at this blog post


If after applying the patch the "new non flash" upload buttons don't work, check here

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