I'm try to add a banner image to the list.phtml, but it's not displaying.

This is what i did:

step 1: copied /public_html/vendor/mirasvit/module-rewards/src/RewardsCustomerAccount/view/frontend/templates/account/list.phtml



step2: upload the image to /public_html/app/design/frontend/Infortis/ultimo/web/images/membership-banner.jpg

step 3: modify the list.phtml as below

/** @var \Mirasvit\RewardsCustomerAccount\Block\Account\Listing $block */
$collection = $block->getTransactionCollection();
$earnRules = $block->getDisplayEarnRules();
$spendRules = $block->getDisplaySpendRules();
<div class="block block-rewards-account-summary order-details-items">
    <div class="block-title">
        <?= $block->getChildHtml('rewards.page.main.title'); ?>
        <strong><?= __('Points Summary') ?></strong>

    <div class="block-content">
        <p><?= __('You have <b>%1</b> in your account.', $this->helper('Mirasvit\Rewards\Helper\Data')->formatPoints($block->getBalancePoints())); ?></p>
        <p><?= $block->getChildHtml('rewards.notification') ?></p>
        <p><?= __('test.'); ?> </p>
    <!--adding this part trying to display the image-->
    <div class="block-content"> 
        <img src='<?php echo $this->getViewFileUrl('Infortis_Ultimo::images/membership-banner.jpg'); ?>' alt="membership-banner" width="1150" height="325">


step 4: run php bin/magento s:s:d; php bin/magento c:f but nothing changes on the frontend.

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As you have put your image in theme web folder public_html/app/design/frontend/Infortis/ultimo/web/ so you have to use


instead of $this->getViewFileUrl('Infortis_Ultimo::images/membership-banner.jpg').

When you have use Infortis_Ultimo:: it indicated that folder is public_html/app/design/frontend/Infortis/ultimo/Infortis/Ultimo/web.

  • i changed it to <div class="block-content"> <img src='<?php echo $block->getViewFileUrl('images/membership-banner.jpg'); ?>' alt="banner" width="1150" height="325"> </div> but still not showing up. basically, even if i add some simple text it doesn't show up. do you have any ideas? Commented Jan 9, 2021 at 7:58

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