I have running indexer index command in Magento 2 for 60 million products. But when i check in back end after 2 days it will show processing catalog_category_product and when i have go to error log there is no error in log file.

When i go to db and check process list using (show proceslist) it will show that the data enter in a _temp table and somewhere i read after that it will enter the data in _replica table. But when i search for that _temp table it will not shown and on checking the _replica table the table is empty.

So my issues are :

  1. Is there a way to find out the process is still running or it will stuck.
  2. Need to know the _temp table is created and shown on magento database when the process is running.
  3. Any way to find out how much process is completed.

Any help is appreciated.

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