I've upgraded my site from v2.3.1 to v2.3.6 and I now get the error:

Reference to undeclared plugin with name 'priceIndexUpdater'

in my system.log.

I've found that in vendor\magento\module-inventory-catalog\etc\di.xml there is the line

    <plugin name="priceIndexUpdater" disabled="true"/>

Why is the plugin disabled when it is needed. Any ideas what will happen if I delete the line?


This has been fixed on this pull request: https://github.com/magento/inventory/pull/3167

  • Aha! Thanks for pointing me to this. I'd noticed that commenting out that line stopped the message but I was concerned it might have unintended consequences. Funny that disabling something causes a problem! :o) – PedroKTFC Jan 31 at 17:52
  • No problem. I had the same issue and drove me nuts for a few days until a guy on the Magento Slack channel sent me that link. – T_K Feb 2 at 18:18

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