I'm trying to get order purchase point (store where it was purchased), I have tried this:


It did not work, any ideas?

here is my code

 public function execute()
        $date = date('m-d-Y');
        $filepath = 'export/orders-'.$date.'.csv';
        $stream = $this->directory->openFile($filepath, 'w+');
        $header = ['Id', 'Status','Store'];
        $collection = $this->getOrderCollection();
        foreach ($collection as $order) {
            $data = [];
            $data[] = $order->getId();
            $data[] = $order->getStatus();
            $data[] = $order->getPurchasePoint();


    public function getOrderCollection() 
    $collection = $this->orderCollection->create()
    return $collection;

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I have found the way.

This is the way to get the storeview name of the order and the name.

$store_name = $_order->getStore()->getGroup()->getName()  //store name
$store_view_name = $_order->getStore()->getName();

In this website you can find more methods


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