I want to get Configurable products dropdown attributes all options show in more-information tab.

See Below image:- below all options show in more-information tab.

enter image description here

Please Help How to achieve this.



The Different "tabs" you see in the "Edit Product" page (i.e. on the Magento Admin UIX) are associated with Attribute-Set Groups.

  • Login to Magento Admin -> Stores -> Attributes : Attribute Set -> Click on "Add Attribute Set" button -> Provide an appropriate name for the Attribute-Set and choose "Default" for the "Based On" param. Create Attribute Set

  • Configure the Attribute-Set per your requirements (Refer screenshot below for how to go about this) Configure Attribute-Set per requirements

  • Once the Attribute-Set has been setup - click on the "Save" button to commit these changes to the Database. (Refer screenshot below for more information) Save Attribute-Set to Database

  • Go to the Edit Product screen (Login to Magento Admin -> Catalog -> Inventory : Products -> Search for the Item of interest -> Click on the "Edit" link) and update the "Attribute Set" parameter to use the Newly Created Attribute-Set (RSK TEST) to the Products of Interest Assign Attribute-Set to Product

  • You should now see the Attributes Grouped under the desired sub-sections/sub-tabs. View and Update Attribute-Set grouped parameters

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    it is show dynamic options with multiple optons? Jan 7 at 19:15
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    IF you've setup your Product-Attribute as a List-Of-Value AND Assigned that attribute the desired List-Of-Values - then yes - ALL those Keys-Values will show up in the drop-down associated with that Product-Attribute. Jan 7 at 19:27
  • I want to configurable products dropdown options in custom product tab. Thanks Jan 15 at 3:18
  • If admin select three colors option. So show three selected colors in product custom tab. Jan 15 at 3:20
  • Are you referring to seeing those on the frontend or the backend ? Jan 22 at 17:15

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