I don't know what's wrong that the image is not fitting the content div. Is this a css problem? The image is on right float;

enter image description here


It looks like you're experiencing the classic issue of "The Great Collapse" (to borrow the phrase from Chris Coyier). Search for "The Great Collapse" on this page for more details: http://css-tricks.com/all-about-floats/

In the MRT theme, there is a Sass mixin that allows you to "clear floats". If you add this Sass to your theme, it should solve your issue:

#collateral-tabs .tab-content:after {
    @include clearfix;

This will apply CSS to the container of the tab content which should clear all floated children elements.

  • Hi Erik, I put the code on _clearfix.scss but it doesn't work. the height of the tab-content should follow the content eventhough the height of image is long right? – Alyssa Reyes Aug 20 '14 at 18:55

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