I've installed the SMTP extension from Mageplaza link. And configured it to send from we.care@xyz.com, as below.

enter image description here

However it allows for only one email to be configured, as a result despite adding different "Sender Emails" as shown below, all emails get sent out from only the email (we.care@xyz.com) that was configured under the SMTP extension.

enter image description here

All sales emails are set to send from Sale Representative (sales@xyz.com) Whilst new account creation, newsletter signup are set to send from we.care@xyz.com

But all emails are being sent from we.care@xyz.com

How do I get emails to be sent out from sales@xyz.com as well as we.care@xyz.com?


Running php bin/magento setup:upgrade clearing the cache seems to have fixed the issue.

  • Glad you got that sorted, be sure to accept your own answer! – Sander Mangel Dec 23 '20 at 6:53

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