I use Magento 2.3 If I want to access in view order page (on my account) shipping address, the result is null.

$orderId  = $block->getOrderId();
$orderData = $block->getOrderDetails($orderId);
$shippingAddress = $orderData->getShippingAddress();

$shippingAddress is null. If I call $orderData->getBillingAddress(); return the correct address.

I don't understand why.


Try this :

 public function getShippingAddress($orderId) {
        $order = $this->getOrderData($orderId);
        /* check order is not virtual */
        if(!$order->getIsVirtual()) {
            $orderShippingId = $order->getShippingAddressId();
            $address = $this->addressCollection->create()->addFieldToFilter('entity_id',array($orderShippingId))->getFirstItem();
            return $address;
        return null;

For detailed answer: link

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