Im having the same problem with the readiness checkup on magento 2.3.5p1 with php 7.3 (can be changed easily if needed on both CLI and webserver). It gives me a filepath for a subdirectory that doesnt exist For ex: x/public_html/Magento/app/etc/design/frontend/magento

When the documentroot is on the public_html not in the magento folder, this is not defined anywhere so i have no idea where its coming from. Creating the folder manually also doesnt work, permission are correct for other folders, but for some reason it keeps throwing this error

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After the Magento update, you also need to reinstall the cronjob. Remove Magento 2.3 crons by bin/magento cron:remove or by deleting them from crontab and run bin/magento cron:install afterwards.


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