How do I get the customer segments associated with current logged in customer.

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We can get matched segments of a customer directly from customer session, these are compiled during reindexing and associated to the customer while it's session is created. So, we can get it from customer session object [Magento\Customer\Model\SessionFactory]

$matchedCustomerSegments = $this->_customerSessionFactory->create()->getCustomerSegmentIds()

With above code you'll get array of the website ids in the first index and matched segments corresponding to them. Such as below;

    [1] => Array
            [0] => 1
            [1] => 2


In above case the customer has been matched to segment_ids 1 and 2 corresponding to website_id 1.

Also if you want to get whether the customer has matched with a specific segment instead of segment_id you can use segment collection [Magento\CustomerSegment\Model\ResourceModel\Segment\Collection] to get the data as following;

$matchedCollection = $this->_segmentModelCollection->addFieldToFilter(
            'Segment Name'

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