This is my array:

$sku = ['HH017','HH018','HH005','HH010','20OZHHTUMBLER',

$sequence = ['HH005','HH010','HH006','20OZHHTUMBLER',...];

print_r(sort($sku, $sequence));


I want to arrange that data of $sku in $sequence format. I want to show the first 4 numbers from $sku, as mentioned in $sequence and then the remaining numbers will be shown after these 4 numbers.

How can I arrange the sequence to show my data in this format?

Please advice.

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$sequencedValues = [];

$sku = ['HH017','HH018','HH005','HH010','20OZHHTUMBLER',

$sequence = ['HH005','HH010','HH006','20OZHHTUMBLER'];

foreach ($sequence as $value) {
    if (in_array($value, $sku)) {
        $sequencedValues[] = $value;
        unset($sku[array_search($value, $sku)];

$sequencedValues = array_merge($sequencedValues, $sku);

Probably a more efficient way to do it but that should work. This isn't a Magento specific question so shouldn't really be in the Magento stack exchange.

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