I have been beating my head against a wall for a few days now trying to figure out a workaround to Export all of my Products. I have around 6500 products currently and trying to use the standard Export function for products in Magento keeps failing and giving me a 500 Internal Server Error. I have all of my memory limits etc... maxed out and it does not seem to be throwing any error that I can find. I have read many people having issues over 5000 products.

Alternatively I have been successful in breaking it down into smaller chunks using DataFlow - Profiles, however the CSV file produced seems to contain everything I need, except it only provides category ID's instead of Category Names (and subcategories tree structure). I thought maybe I could copy the XML info from the DataFlow - Profiles and create a DataFlow - Advanced Profile and add in the necessary command to also export the category names and structure.

Copied below is the XML info from the working DataFlow - Profile, but I am not sure how to proceed from here. Any help would be appreciated. Alternatively I am open to any other ideas on how to get all of my product data exported. I have read just about everything I could find online and except for spending a chunk of money for an extension that may or may not work or having a service do it, I have not been successful.

 <action type="catalog/convert_adapter_product" method="load">
    <var name="store"><![CDATA[0]]></var>
    <var name="filter/attribute_set"><![CDATA[4]]></var>
    <var name="filter/price/from"><![CDATA[0]]></var>
    <var name="filter/price/to"><![CDATA[3]]></var>

<action type="catalog/convert_parser_product" method="unparse">
    <var name="store"><![CDATA[0]]></var>
    <var name="url_field"><![CDATA[0]]></var>

<action type="dataflow/convert_mapper_column" method="map">

<action type="dataflow/convert_parser_csv" method="unparse">
    <var name="delimiter"><![CDATA[,]]></var>
    <var name="enclose"><![CDATA["]]></var>
    <var name="fieldnames">true</var>

<action type="dataflow/convert_adapter_io" method="save">
    <var name="type">file</var>
    <var name="path">var/export/</var>
    <var name="filename"><![CDATA[export_all_products_COMICS03Magento.csv]]></var>

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