I Already have two redirect URL in my payment Gatway for Magento 2 as bellow:

  $requestData['merchant']['redirectConfirmUrl'] = $this->_getUrl(URL, ['_secure' => true, '_nosid' => true, 'mage_order_id' => $orderIncrementId]);
  $requestData['merchant']['redirectCancelUrl'] = $this->_getUrl(URL, ['_secure' => true, '_nosid' => true, 'mage_order_id' => $orderIncrementId]);

However, I want to add a third for a success callback, this should be called to confirm the order with Magento even if the user closed the page, similar to this API for WooCommerce (https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/wc_api-the-woocommerce-api-callback/)

But I cannot find how to implement this on Magento 2, anyone has any idea or a link for a document about it?

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