My requirement is I have extension for the percent discount rule (Buy 1 Get 1 with X% rule) based on that i have created 3 rules below 1)Buy 1 watch get 1 bag 10 % offer 2)Buy 2 watch get 2 bags 20 % offer 3)Buy 3 watch get 3 bags 30 % offer

If i enable these rules only one rule applied but i need 1 watch and 1 bag rule 1 will apply 2 watch and 2 bags rule 2 will apply 3 watch and 3 bags rule 3 will apply Please advise me?

  • hey, can you tell me which extension you used for Buy 1 Watch get 1 Bag with 10% Sales Rule discount? I stuck to applying discount on another product based on specifci product. can you put sample code in answer related to how to applying buy 1 watch get 1 bag with 10% discount Commented Nov 25, 2022 at 10:39


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