I am new In Magento cloud and I have to start the development. how to set up in local and how to deploy new code.

I have all details for cloud I am unable to set up in my local.

I clone the git repo in local. and trying run the command

sudo composer install

but it's giving an error

The "https://repo.magento.com/archives/magento/module-invitation/magento-module-invitation-" file could not be downloaded (HTTP/1.1
404 Not Found)

I have found a solution. set private and public keys in auth.json. keys set but still getting an error

Thank you.

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Please follow this guide from Magento DevDocs for working with Magento Cloud projects on your local environment using Docker.

  • how to get a source code and DB. and setup local??
    – Bharat
    Dec 3, 2020 at 4:29

Setting the enterprise keys on auth.json file was working for me.

You can ask the admin to provide the keys especially if are a developer.


You can check the keys in the project if you have SSH access.

magento-cloud variable:get env:COMPOSER_AUTH --level project

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