I'm working on Win 10 OS. And am going to install magento2-2.3 on my local computer. Which xampp version and composer version should I use?

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The short answer: Don't!

The long answer: I tried to get magento running with Windows 10 and ran into several problems - most of them related to file-permissions, because Windows handles them very different than Linux does.

But to your problem: you are using composer version 2.0 and magento still needs version 1. You can do a composer self-update --1

  • thank you. I'll try. – Hendry Raudsepp Nov 29 '20 at 9:27
  • Will you review this answer? magento.stackexchange.com/questions/327140/… – Hendry Raudsepp Nov 29 '20 at 13:07
  • I already saw your follow up question, but I am sorry, that is above my head and I am to polite to say "told you so" ;-) You may try the web-setup wizard, as it should be still available with 2.3.5. But even if you manage to install it, I dont think that the problems will stop. In my case, it ended up in convincing my co-worker to use Linux for developing. I setup a nice docker environment, so every team-member can setup a reliable environment in minutes. You can also try to install magento2 in a VM - but keep the permissions in mind. Its a real hassle... – Mario Nov 29 '20 at 13:25
  • I'm trying on Ubuntu, but it's still hard to install it on my VM. magento.stackexchange.com/questions/327190/… – Hendry Raudsepp Nov 30 '20 at 16:17

Choose the one with the recommended PHP version and Database from Magento docs.

  • thank you for your answering. can you solve the 2 problems in terminal? – Hendry Raudsepp Nov 29 '20 at 9:02

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