I need to retrieve product quantity, I found that, the interfaces we used before to get product quantity are deprecated, these are:

\Magento\CatalogInventory\Api\StockStateInterface $stockItem


\Magento\CatalogInventory\Api\StockRegistryInterface $stockRegistry

Below link says StockStateInterface is replaced with Multi Source Inventory but I cannot see a function returning product quantity in it.


Is there some other way to get product quantity? I don't want to use deprecated code.


Here is the sample code:


namespace SR\MagentoCommunity\Model;

use Magento\InventoryCatalog\Model\GetStockIdForCurrentWebsite;
use Magento\InventorySales\Model\GetProductSalableQty;
use Magento\InventorySalesApi\Model\GetStockItemDataInterface;

class Stock
     * @var GetProductSalableQty
    private $getProductSalableQty;

     * @var GetStockIdForCurrentWebsite
    private $getStockIdForCurrentWebsite;

     * @var GetStockItemDataInterface
    private $getStockItemData;

     * Stock constructor.
     * @param GetProductSalableQty $getProductSalableQty
     * @param GetStockIdForCurrentWebsite $getStockIdForCurrentWebsite
     * @param GetStockItemDataInterface $getStockItemData
    public function __construct(
        GetProductSalableQty $getProductSalableQty,
        GetStockIdForCurrentWebsite $getStockIdForCurrentWebsite,
        GetStockItemDataInterface $getStockItemData
    ) {
        $this->getProductSalableQty = $getProductSalableQty;
        $this->getStockIdForCurrentWebsite = $getStockIdForCurrentWebsite;
        $this->getStockItemData = $getStockItemData;

    public function getStock($sku)
        $stockId = $this->getStockIdForCurrentWebsite->execute();

        // Actual qty - Reserve Qty - OOS Threshold
        $productQtyInStock = $this->getProductSalableQty->execute($sku, $stockId);
        echo $productQtyInStock . PHP_EOL;

        // Return only qty
        $stockItemData = $this->getStockItemData->execute($sku, $stockId);
        $qty = $stockItemData[GetStockItemDataInterface::QUANTITY];
        echo $qty . PHP_EOL;

You can get salable qty or total Qty using the above code.

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