I associate all my products to at least 1 category (visible from menu) + 1 'special' category (not visible from menu). There are many 'special' categories, they are special because not visible form menu, and because I associate 2 special categories to each my registered customer. (they're aware, no secrete). When a registered customer visit any category page (frontend) or when he makes a search, I'd like to always filter products based on the 2 special categories this customer is associated to! Basically a customer can visit any category, but shall only see products which belong to that category AND one of the 2 special categories assigned to him.

Let's say "customer 1" is linked to cat X and Y, I provide some pseudo code to better explain my need:

  1. if customer visits 'category A' page, products shall be filtered like this: "CAT A AND (CAT X OR Y)" =>i.e. all products attached to Cat A, but also to X OR Y
  2. if customer visits 'category B' page, products shall be filtered like this: "CAT B AND (CAT X OR Y)" =>i.e. all products attached to Cat B, but also to X OR Y
  3. if customer makes a search for name=foo, then search shall be like "name=foo and (CAT X OR CAT Y)" =>i.e. all products with a relevant score linked to "foo", but associated to Cat X OR Cat Y

Of course:

  1. all layered navigation shall consider this additional filtering behind the scene to be consistent
  2. if another customer is associated to Cat W and Cat Z, then same scenarios as above will apply but with W and Z instead of X and Y.

I'm on magento 2.4.1 with ES7. I spent many (many) hours to search where to update core, but I'm failing. The learning curve is hard, so if anyone can help me to point out where I can add such restriction for search, catalog view and layered navigation that would be awesome. I don't need detail code. I know also how to store and retrieve the per customer categories.


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