How to change product name dynamically in configurable product when click swatches Magento 2.3

I followed the provided code in above link with help of a programmer by mistake I deleted etc folder I managed to get env.php and. rest of the file from backup which I had before adding the above code but my website was not working then I deleted 'custom_layout_update_file' now website working but I can't see configurable product any help would appreciate

  • I add a couple of configurable products but it's just showing me parent product only no child product and when I tried to add parent product in cart it's giving me the error you need to choose the option for your item.Simple product is wroking fine in my website i can easily add into cart any help would appreciate. Nov 11 '20 at 16:15

enter image description here

Please see the attached error coming in the console but can't see configurable product only parent product We can see.

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