When logged in as an administrative user (with all resources including data transfer allocated), under the System->Data Transfer menu, there are no import /export options available. The entire Data Transfer menu is blank. See below

enter image description here

I believe this may be caused by the Claue Theme that was installed. I am also contacting the vendor to resolve this, but they typically take 3-5 days and am working on a tight timeline.

How can the import/export options be re-enabled? Alternatively, how would one go about trying to troubleshoot the issue?

This is running on:

  • Ubuntu 18.04, Apache 2.4.29, Mysql Ver 14.14-5.7.32, PHP 7.4.12

Am new to the community and Magento, any assistance or pointers would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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You need to change values of bellow fields from 1 to 0 in core_config_data table

advanced/modules_disable_output/Magento_Integration advanced/modules_disable_output/Magento_TaxImportExport advanced/modules_disable_output/Magento_ImportExport


To enable import module, please go to your phpmyadmin, find the table named “core_config_data” and search record with path is “advanced/modules_disable_output/Magento_ImportExport” and change value of that record to 0: http://prntscr.com/w5a9tr

Enable all ImportExport Module in Phpmyadmin. Thank you

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