As the title says, I want to modify the value of a custom attribute of each of my categories in magento 2.4 and I want to do this using REST APIs.

I am using this endpoint https://magento.redoc.ly/2.4.0-admin/tag/categoriesid#operation/catalogCategoryRepositoryV1SavePut What I do not understand is that endpoint works fine if I want to modify the name of the category, but it does not work for the custom attributes. The changes are not saved.

I send the put request and the old data is returned with the incorrect/old custom attr value.

This is what I am doing:

response = requests.put("/rest/V1/categories/1111",
                                    "id": 1111,
                                    "parent_id": 1000,
                                    "name": "cat name",
                                    "is_active": True,
                                    "position": 1,
                                    "level": 4,
                                    "path": "1/2/1031/6000/6001",
                                    "include_in_menu": True,
                                    "custom_attributes": [
                                            "attribute_code": "description",
                                            "value": "new_value"
                            "Content-Type": "application/json",
                            "Authorization": "Bearer {}".format(token)
                        }, timeout=config.timeout)

I should see new_value as the value of the attr description, but I see value which is the old value.

Anyone has any ideas what I am doing wrong? Should I use another endpoint?

Thank you

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