How to limit the address on checkout/#shipping page. like all the address from cutomer_address_entity are listed in this page. but how to show only one address.

I have added a quote programmatically, and add address for that quote programmatically. now i want to show that quote address (which i added against that quote id programmatically) show on shipping page. instead it shows all the addresses from customer_address_entity table.


For that, you have to override the default Magento below file.


inside this file add the below logic.

initChildren: function () {

        if(addressList().length > 0){
           // Add your logic as per your requirement.
            _.each(addressList(), this.createRendererComponent, this);

        return this;

I hope it helps!

  • But it will show only the first address from list. i have update my question. Please have a look.
    – Ali Raza
    Oct 29 '20 at 7:20

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