We are having an issue with the frontend customer login, where the users can't login as this error pops up:

Frontend Login Error

I have checked online for this issue and have found mostly back-office login errors, in the admin panel. I have found none regarding the frontend. Anyway, I have tried all or atleast most of them regarding PHP configuration changes:

  • max_input_vars = 10.000 / 75.000
  • max_input_time = 600
  • max_execution_time = 3600

I have also checked the cookie configuration in the admin panel and in the DB;


Which must be set with the correct domain, it is. We do have custom modifications after login, regarding redirections and other custom developments, but, I've tried disabling those and nothing changed.

I have been able to track that if cache is cleaned, flushed and the browser is refreshed with ctrl + f5 you can then log in without issues, so my guess here is that is something related to cache. Also, the first try after all compilations always work.

I've then researched into the var/ folder in order to find the cache folder and check permissions. They all have the user, not root plus the www-data from nginx. They all generate correctly and none is created with root.

What else could I check? What am I missing here? Thank you.

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