We need to setup a rules to ensure below is satisfied.

  • When an item is added only from category x then minimum cart price should be set to 25
  • When an item is added from category x and also has items from other categories then the minimum cart value should be set to 100.

I'm not sure how to achieve this, I tried setting up cart rules but didn't helped me. Any idea or inputs will be great.


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Magento default just allows you to set up maximum quantity allowed in the shopping cart of a product only. Therefore, I think that you had better look for an extension to help you overcome this issue quickly.

For example, you can try this extension




To my knowledge, this can not be done using rules, you will have to create a custom module.

Magento has core functionality for setting Minimum Order amount for the whole cart, not limited to a certain category.

Stores -> Configuration -> Sales-> Sales -> Minimum Order Amount

enter image description here

When developing a custom module for this, it might make sense to reuse parts of this functionality and repurpose it.

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