Order email Communications has been switched Off for long period of time as the emails was being sent outside of magento.

However I notice while testing that if switched back On Old order emails stated sending I think this is due the cron job.

My question what should one do to stop it when switched back On?

Should I clear cron_schedule table; maybe update sales_order field: email_sent, send_email

I can see this fields is sales_order have the following values: email_sent: NULL send_email: 1

Set send_email to 0 will it stop cron job to trigger email for this orders ?

Any suggestions ?


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My findings was that asynchronous sending was On and while email communications was turned Off the values of field email_sent and send_email should have been set to NULL just as it is on sales_shipment table.

When email communications is turned off and asynchronous sending is On next time you switch email communications back on be sure to update the fields email_sent and send_email or and turn off asynchronous sending.

There is also a report bug on asynchronous sending :https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/27039


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