My backend keeps freezing and can't do anything with it. I think it is due to the filter that was put last week on the products page to show 1000 products in the grid.

Magento 2 reset the products grid filter

I tried to open it in an incognito window but it didn't work.

How could I fix it with no access to this page?

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You can remove it from the database. I will provide examples using Magerun2.

1 - Admin user

Access your database and list the admin users, and find your admin user ID there.

magerun admin:user:list

2 - Find the data

Run this command below to enter into the DB.

magerun db:console

Then get the list of UI Bookmarks that you have saved in the DB using this command.

SELECT 'namespace' FROM ui_bookmark;

3 - Remove it

Then remove the data saved to the product grid according to your admin user ID, my admin user ID is 3 so I ran these commands below.

DELETE FROM ui_bookmark WHERE user_id='3' AND namespace='product_listing';
DELETE FROM ui_bookmark WHERE user_id='3' AND namespace='product_attributes_grid';

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