I am a beginner to Magento 2. I have built a webshop locally without any problems. Now I want to host my webshop on a live server. After following multiple guides on how to do this and after fixing a lot of problems, I can view my webshop. However it only loads a 404 page without any styling.

Also notice that the link seems to be "doubled". The paths seem to not be right. I have checked my .htaccess file and it seems to be fine.

There are no errors in my log which makes it hard for me to figure out where the problem is. So I hope somebody here can help me.

The page looks like this.

enter image description here

EDIT: Every link that is clicked seems to extend the URL instead of replacing it. So when I click home the link becomes "http://julienjamani.com/magento2/julienjamani.com/magento2/julienjamani.com/magento2/"

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