I have this to handle:

On our clothing store, we have the classic "color" and "size" attributes and often happens that we create new variations of color for a sku.

The problem is that this new color is added directly on the frontend even if the variations are "out of stock". So the customers will see that there is a new color but if they click on that color, it's unavaliable and this is not good, I need to show ONLY the available colors according to the stock qty.


T-shirt exists on different sizes, and with "red" and "blue" color variation. If a customer enter on the item page will see the possibility to choose between sizes, and colors blue and red. And until here all it is as expected.

Now if I create a new color variation "yellow" with qty=0 --> "out of stock", the yellow color will appears with the blue and the red even if all the yellow tshirts are not available and this should be avoid.

How we can show only "in stock" variations?

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