I have a dropdown product attribute in store view level that i need to update programmatically for specific store:

I tried to update the product attribute programmatically like this:

// \Magento\Catalog\Model\Product\Action $_productAction
$storeId = 3;
$productId = 35;
        ) , array('test_id'=>30), $storeId);

The product attribute value is updated successfully.

The problem is when i checked the product attribute value to use default value like below:

enter image description here

it will be unchecked if I run those code, even though i set the product attribute value same as the default value

enter image description here

How can i avoid or prevent this and keep value checked, even if i update the value same as the default product attribute value ?

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This is the expected behavior as you are passing the $storeId=3 so it will save your value on store-level no matter value is the same as the default value. If you don't want that then pass $storeId=0.

Hope this information will help you.

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