I have simple products inside grouped products.

I am looking for a way, so that when I add a simple product to a grouped product, I can specify Not just the quantity of the simple products but also the value of a field (for example "color").


grouped product 1:

  • sku1 qty=1 color=red
  • sku2 qty=2 color=blue
  • sku3 qty=1 color=green

grouped product 2:

  • sku4 qty=2 color=blue
  • sku1 qty=2 color=green

So as you can see, in the first grouped product I want the simple product sku1 to have a red color and in the second grouped product I want the same simple product sku1 to have the color green.

Any ideas how I can achieve this?

I am using magento2.

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In Magento every colour variations are treated separate product. That's why it is so handy to create the group/bundle products.

Simply go to group product create page and in the grouped products section, add products as you want and set the qty. enter image description here

Hope this helps.


You will need to create configurable products with these colour variations first and then create group product. I assume you know how to create configurable products. Learn here.


I think what you're trying to achieve here is you're trying to add a configurable product (not simple like in your example) in a grouped product. You can't change a product attribute in a simple product (if the simple product has the color red then it will only be red). And as far as I know, natively, you can't add configurable products in group products (you might need to create an entirely new module).

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