I have a Magento EE site with two store views, the default store and a mobile store. When creating orders in the admin I would like to skip the step that asks the user to select a store, e.g. all orders would be placed under the default store.


     $storeId    = $this->getStoreId();
     $customerId = $this->getCustomerId();
     if (!is_null($customerId) && !$storeId) {
         return 'block';
     return 'none';

It looks like if I add $this->setStoreId(1) in the constructor (or somewhere) then the store selector will never be displayed and the order will be created under the store of my choosing. My question is, is there a better way to do this?

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If you change the action for the "Create order" button and add the store_id parameter it will skip the form.

Normally the button to create an order for a client links to: /index.php/admin/sales_order_create/index/customer_id/6/

This will show you the store selector, so if you change the action to: /index.php/admin/sales_order_create/index/customer_id/6/store_id/1/

This will select the specified store and brings you directly to the order form.

The same can be done on the "Create New Order" button in the Sales->Orders grid, if you add store_id there it only asks you to select the customer (or create a new customer)

  • Actually in my version the Create Order button links to 'sales_order_create/start/...', which resets the quote and does not pass along a store_id parameter.
    – nachito
    Commented Apr 29, 2013 at 20:57

You can do that by overriding Magento\Sales\Block\Adminhtml\Order\Create\Store\Select and adding setStoreId instruction in the constructor like this:

protected function _construct() {
  // Allowing passing commades in BO for website 1 solely

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