We would like to display these variables in a new email template (which is currently assigned to a orderstate):

Ordernumber, Customername, Order Status & Invoicenumber.

The following code does not work:

{{var order.increment_id}}, {{var customer.name}}, {{trans "%name," name=$order.getCustomerName()}}

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here is my execute function (observer) any other file code add

You can try as below:

$templateVars = array(
                'store' => $this->storeManager->getStore(),
                'message'   => 'We processed your order ID We will contact you soon in mail for the acknowledgement if you not receive mail within 4 hours please get help from [email protected]',
                'myvar2' => 'myvar2 value come here',
                'myvar3' => 'myvar3 value come here'

In email template email_template.html, use like

{{var myvar2}}
{{var myvar3}}
{{trans "%customer_name" customer_name=$myvar3}}

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