HELP..!! I am on Magento 2.4

trying to export products but EXPORT FILE STUCK IN QUEUE....

it never appears.. what can i do?

Thanks in advance!

  • i am not sure if this information is important BUT i can import without inconveniences..... my problem is just with the export process.... – CesarionJS Oct 7 '20 at 13:32

To complete this queue you need to setup cron.


otherwise you can do following way to trigger cron manually

Go to terminal : and run following command

go to your magento root

php bin/magento cron:run
  • hello dear Murtuza, i already had ran php bin/magento cron:run in my terminal before but csv still no appearing.... by the way this is my cpanel cron scheduled please help me to check if it looks ok...here image [ibb.co/3p90nNc] – CesarionJS Oct 7 '20 at 13:13
  • @CesarionJS please check var/export folder for csv file – Murtuza Zabuawala Oct 8 '20 at 4:37
  • thanks for being pending of my isue.... look the image – CesarionJS Oct 8 '20 at 18:22
  • imgur.com/iaX8r7L as you can see theres a lot of files csv with 0 bytes – CesarionJS Oct 8 '20 at 18:23
  • @CesarionJS please check in export folder under var you are looking in var folder only – Murtuza Zabuawala Oct 9 '20 at 3:49

Please run following command to clear queue

php bin/magento queue:consumers:start exportProcessor

Here is a blog that you need https://magecomp.com/blog/solved-export-file-gets-message-is-added-to-queue-wait-to-get-your-file-soon-in-magento-2-3-x/

  • hello dear expert, and what i would expect after that... sorry i am a newbie in magento! i did what you told me but my command line shows no answers after that... look image [ibb.co/YNst5pf] – CesarionJS Oct 7 '20 at 13:00
  • After your run this command then queue will be clear and your export file will available on grid. – Chirag Gondaliya Oct 7 '20 at 13:15
  • Here is a screenshot : i.imgur.com/l7ifuvo.png – Chirag Gondaliya Oct 7 '20 at 13:17
  • hello dear i have done with the command but no appears on grid.... afterwards i try with customers main file, entity type instead of products... and the file for customers appears on grid.... [imgur.com/vQG076o] – CesarionJS Oct 7 '20 at 15:44

Run this command to see the export file

php bin/magento cron:run

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