I can't work out the syntax for adding a Gift Card product to the cart using the POST /rest/V1/carts/mine/items REST API endpoint. What product options need setting?

I gather that it needs giftcard amount, giftcard message, sender and recipient name and email address but how do I actually format that into a request body?


Nevermind solved it. The value in the giftcard_amount field must be saved as an allowed amount against the giftcard. Some extra bits will need doing if it's a "custom amount" giftcard.

  "cartItem": {
    "product_option": {
      "extension_attributes": {
            "giftcard_amount": 50.0000,
            "giftcard_sender_name": "test",
            "giftcard_recipient_name": "test",
            "giftcard_sender_email": "test@test.com",
            "giftcard_recipient_email": "test@test.com",
            "giftcard_message": "magento is stupid"
    "qty": 1,
    "quote_id": {{YOUR_QUOTE_ID_HERE}},
    "sku": {{YOUR_SKU_HERE}}

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