I'm having product listing in CSV file. Please let me know right folder to upload product images.

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Please upload images in var/import/images as default upload directory.

Else you can have any custom directory in var or pub but then you have to mention it while import.

Hope it helps!

  • I upload in var/import/images and it automatically duplicated in "pub/media/catalog/product/.." and "pub/media/catalog/product/cache" folders.. I'm lossing my disk space. Please let me know how to clear disk space?
    – Priya
    Oct 5, 2020 at 8:08
  • 1
    when you upload images through import first you have to place images in 'var/import/images' then magento will import it and placed all files to 'pub/media/catalog/product/' and magento will generate cache for all images. that is default process. If you do not have memory then please increase memory. Oct 5, 2020 at 13:03
  • 1
    use this to remove unused images : magento.stackexchange.com/questions/150929/… Oct 5, 2020 at 13:35
  • Thanks for your information. I had checked unused images, my uploaded all images are used. Let me know if image may be doubled in product folder?
    – Priya
    Oct 5, 2020 at 13:51
  • 1
    install module and remove unused images. then you will save memory. If it helps please accept answer. Oct 5, 2020 at 14:05

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