Currently the default behaviour is if i have item X in the cart with qty 5, if i put 8 in the qty box and add to cart the new qty is 13 - the expected behaviour we need to for the cart to change to 8 rather than add the 8.

As the category page is using a .js file rather than a phtml file to handle a lot of the customisation it is required somehow to either do this from an observer file seperate from the .js file or an ajax request to a controller in the .js file (this would be prefared).

i have attempted to do AJAX request with no luck, with the URL not being found no matter what i try (i asked the question about this here with no luck)

Calling PHP block or Controller from AJAX from just a .JS file in Magento2

After failing with this i had the idea to use checkout_cart_product_add_before observer event, remove the item from the cart and re-add it with the new value but when i use


It is refreshing the whole page and losing the addition.

Does anyone have any ideas on how i can achieve this? i did manage it with a widget previously but now its been required to be a category page it's become a little more difficult.

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