I want to create a store by magento and selling digital files (mp3, pdf, mkv, mp4). but i need to send resumable link to my customer by email. magento have not configuration for resumable link by defult. but i need to create resumable link can you help me?


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The download is generated in the _processDownload() function in Mage_Downloadable_DownloadController (see app/code/core/Mage/Downloadable/controllers/DownloadController.php ).

What you need to do is, to create a new module with a controller override in it.

1.) Create your module ("Namespace_Module").

2.) add this to your config.xml

                    <Namespace_Module before="Mage_Downloadable">Namespace_Module</Namespace_Module>

3.) create Namespace/Module/controllers/DownloadController.php

require_once 'Mage/Downloadable/controllers/DownloadController.php';
class Namespace_Module_DownloadController extends Mage_Downloadable_DownloadController {
    protected function _processDownload($resource, $resourceType) {
       //put your resume download logic here

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